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Massage Therapies Enhanced

Our clinic welcomes individuals dealing with a variety of discomforts, ranging from acute, severe pain to chronic, milder conditions.

We specialize in assisting those who have been struggling for over three months and have consulted at least two healthcare providers without finding lasting relief.

We offer a unique blend of massage therapies and pain relief techniques designed to address and heal various bodily ailments. Our methods not only alleviate pain but also encourage overall health and speedy recovery from various physical impairments.

Our services encompass:

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy: This goes beyond the traditional massage experience of a dimly lit room with soft music and gentle touches. We focus on healing injuries in areas like the back, neck, and shoulders through deep tissue massage. This method effectively addresses body adhesions caused by scar tissue, which can restrict movement and cause pain. Our approach uses targeted pressure to break down these adhesions, promoting recovery and full mobility.

Shock Wave Therapy: For more complex soft tissue injuries, we utilize the most advanced class of laser therapy. This technique aids in tissue regeneration, reduces inflammation, and alleviates discomfort. It's a non-invasive option that often reduces or eliminates the need for surgery, offering rapid and enduring relief.

IASTM: (Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization - IASTM) method. It is especially effective in releasing fascial restrictions and eliminating scar tissue. Using specially designed tools, we can quickly identify and treat soft tissue injuries, making it an ideal choice for athletes seeking swift recovery without relying on pain medication.

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No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work accident or otherwise, we welcome the chance to serve you.

Client Testimonials

I always have 100% detail to my physical issues when I get a treatment with Sylvain

Francine W.

Back Pain Treatment

Mancuso in Moncton has a new Osthéopath called Margaux Magal. I saw her yesterday for an evaluation and treatment....

Leo L.

Neck Pain Treatment

Experience makes the difference. I have been going to Sylvain for over a year, and I feel so much better

Robby K.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

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Visit our Location

Moncton - Fredericton

Give us a Call

+ (833) 696 - 7836

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