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How Osteopathy Can Help A Mother And Her Baby

While osteopathy is suitable for people of all ages, two of the most common groups to benefit from this manual therapy are mothers (expecting or postpartum) and newborn babies. Osteopathy helps relieve various types of pain and aches the expecting or post-partum mothers suffer from and the stresses and musculoskeletal tensions a baby experiences during birth.

Osteopathy is a non-invasive manual therapy involving physically manipulating the body's muscle tissue and bones to detect and detect, treat, or prevent health problems..

What Symptoms Can Osteopathy Relieve In Mother And Baby?

An expecting mother’s body goes through many changes within a short period, causing many aches, pains, or restrictions throughout the pregnancy and after childbirth. An osteopath can help make this journey less painful for the mother and the baby. Osteopathy can relieve pelvic pain, headache, heartburn, neck and back pain, and swollen feet and make postural adjustments in an expecting or new mother.

Similarly, osteopathy can prove helpful for the baby in easing the stress and trauma of birth, especially a problematic birth such as a long or short delivery or deliveries involving ventouse or forceps interventions. Osteopathy also helps with crying, digestive issues, breastfeeding challenges, and sleep disturbances. In addition, it can also prove effective for head shape asymmetries.

However, osteopathy is not just a therapeutic method but also an exploratory approach. Thus, it is always worthwhile for an expecting or new mother and the baby to have examined by an osteopath to prevent future musculoskeletal disorders.

When Can A Mother And Her Baby Consult An Osteopath?

There is no specific time to get osteopathic treatment for a mother or the baby. Whether one week old or one hundred years, osteopathy is for everyone. However, the sooner a mother or the baby sees an osteopath, the better the outcomes.

The doctor can help an expecting mother manage musculoskeletal pains associated with pregnancy and prepare her for delivery. Similarly, osteopathy can prove beneficial for the baby as well.

What Happens During An Osteopathy Session?

During the consultation, the osteopathic doctor will take the mother’s or the baby’s history, including medical, pregnancy, birth, and family history, and try to understand the issues the mother or the baby is experiencing. After history taking, the osteopath will perform a physical examination of the body and assess the condition of muscles, joints, spine, and skull.

Then, the doctor will run through the treatment options and proceed with manual manipulation of the body if everything goes well. Osteopathy is a highly safe therapy for the mother and the baby, with extreme care taken when treating the babies and children.

An osteopath is a highly qualified professional with years of training and experience. They gently correct areas of tension in a baby’s soft skeleton, allow proper growth, and prevent future abnormalities.

What To Expect Afterwards?

For some conditions, the mother or baby requires only one session; for others, they may need additional sessions. Furthermore, each person reacts differently to osteopathy. So the mother or the baby may feel sleepy, tired, or agitated after an osteopathy session. However, they will return to normal the following day or the next.

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